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Navigate through our website and learn about what we do here at Edhitha.

Below are some FAQs we've answered,

  • How to apply?
    When the recruitment season begins, you will have to fill in the google form that will be updated on our website. Follow us on our instagram page for regular updates on such matters.
  • How will the recruitment process be?
    Link to the google form will be provided when the recruitment season commences, you need to fill it! Upon doing so you register yourself to our system and leave the rest to us! Within a couple of days students will receive a message/email. The message would specify the timing for the interview (It can be online or offline) The list of selected students would be announced on our social media pages.
  • How many sub-teams in Edhitha?
    There are 4 sub-teams in Edhitha: >Airframe and Propulsion >Aviation Electronics & Navigation >Imagery & Software >Business Development
  • What will the recruits do in Edhitha?
    The work you do depends on which sub-team you are in. For info on this, please navigate to the ABOUT US page
  • What are the prerequisites?
    No prerequisites as such, but students with knowledge in specific required domains will have an edge over other students applying.
  • Will the branch matter?
    No, it doesn’t. Aerial Robotics is a domain wherein students from all fields are required and only then the team can function smoothly.
  • Can students be in multiple sub-teams?
    Yes, after a point of time when the student has developed a knowledge base on his selected sub-team, s/he may be part of another sub-team and learn!
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