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Team Edhitha made its most awaited comeback at the SUAS 2022, after two long years of pandemic- driven competition cancellation. Despite many challenges, the team proved their tenacious nature and bagged the special award!

  • Overall Rank: 28

  • Special Award: Dawn Jaeger Tenacity Award

  • Smallest team ever in Edhitha History (Team of 3)


2020  & 2021        

 Team edhitha took up various research projects in the field of mapping, agricultural drone design and development, UTM system and UAV To UAV communication



The 2018 competition was a major learning experience for the team. Due to various setbacks, only a team of 4 members were able to make it to the competition.

  • Overall rank: 10

  • Second smallest team in Edhitha history



In 2017, team looked to optimize previously implemented codes or replace them entirely, including those for image processing and interoperability. However, during the competition, erroneous data was sent from the team's systems, affecting performance at the SUAS.

  • Overall rank: 15


This year, Edhitha developed its own algorithm based on the principle of particle swarm optimization, and successfully executed it at the 2016 SUAS.

  • Overall rank: 5

  • One of four of the thirty competing teams to have met interoperability requirements. 

2015 Team.png


As a fitting end to the UAS development program that spanned effectively for five years Edhitha became the first Asian team to ever bag the winning title!

  • Overall rank: 1!

2014 Edhitha team.png


For the first time since the team’s inception, Edhitha ventured into developing a custom airframe, the Dawon. 

  • Overall rank: 25

  • 10th place for the technical design paper

  • 7th place for the oral flight readiness review presentation.

2013 Edhitha team.png


Edhitha was the only team to have achieved all the objectives of the mission, including textbook autonomous flight, decoding of the SRIC message, autonomous image processing, and fabrication and use of the launcher as a takeoff mechanism.

  • Overall rank: 5

  • Secured the maximum number of Prize Barrels

2012 Team.png


This year, the team was faced by an unfortunate obstacle.  Catastrophe struck when stray radio interference jammed the UAS communication system. The team lost the frame and all electronics in the crash. However, the team built an entirely new frame overnight and managed to set up a system as well!

  • Won the Never Say Die award

Edhitha 2011 team.png


Edhitha made its debut in the 9th SUAS competition. The team's performance made headlines and was commended by the entire UAV community.

  • 3rd place for Autonomous Flight

  • 5th place for the Journal

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