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Why Should You Donate

  • Our vision is to revolutionize the fields of agriculture, law enforcement, rescue operations and disaster management through the usage of drone technology.

  • We are a team of passionate individuals, united for this very purpose and we are working tirelessly to make a difference to the society. 

  • Donate now to support the realization of our vision and help create a new future for the upcoming generations.


Where Does The Donation Go

  • Edhitha participates in the annual SUAS (Student Unmanned Aerial Systems) competition conducted by AUVSI in the United States. The competition involves fabricating an autonomous unmanned aerial system capable of image processing, mapping task, object detection.

  • Edhitha takes up projects from various fields like Agriculture, Mapping, various other Innovations and Research Based projects are brought into life.

why donate

We at Edhitha strive towards spreading the curiosity of learning not just for us but to others. Hence, a small support from you will help us reach great heights.

Refer to our sponsorship package for further details

Why Donate

Why Donate

Over the past decade, drones have become central to the functions of various business and governmental organizations and have managed to pierce through areas where certain industries were either stagnant or lagging behind. 

Your support can help us create a new future where millions of tiny seedlings of ideas can turn into a beautiful reality . We work on our ideas and make them better and better with  passion and hard work until it becomes the reality we dreamed of.

Our vision towards the drone technology to bring revolutionary changes in the fields of agriculture, law enforcement, rescue operations, disaster management will always and forever be our priority.

Donate now and help us create a new future for our next generation.

What have we achieved so far?

  1. First-time venture into the world of drone, Team Edhitha in SUAS 2023 was honored with prestigious JustJoe Sportsmanship Award.

  2. Despite the many challenges faced, Team Edhitha bagged the prestigious Dawn Jaeger Tenacity Award at the SUAS 2022 and proved its extremely tenacious nature. 

  3. The Team ranked overall 5th position at the SUAS 2016, the year they developed their own algorithm.

  4. 1st position at SUAS 2015 and  first Asian team to achieve first in the history of the competition.

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