Unmanned Aerial Systems


Edhitha is a student team from Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore, India. We develop autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) that integrate several critical branches of science and technology. We aim to develop versatile and economically viable automated systems capable of reconnaissance and civilian applications.

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Team Edhitha takes part in the annual Students Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) competition held in Maryland, USA. The competition organized by AUVSI, focuses on developing unmanned air systems incorporating a systems engineering approach to achieve UAVs capable of real-world search and rescue missions.

Edhitha aims to expand the use of unmanned systems for civilian applications. We develop, test and execute various applications of unmanned aerial systems focusing on imagery, delivery and mapping missions.

Edhitha also pitches towards developing an Unmanned Aerial System capable of civilian applications focusing on various fields like Agriculture, law enforcement and rescue operations.

What Are Our Accomplishments?

  • The team took home 3rd place for Autonomous flight and 5th place for Journal presentation in the SUAS 2011 competition the year Edhitha was born.

  • Edhitha achieved an overall 1st position at SUAS 2015 and was also the first Asian team to achieve the First place in the history of the competition.

  • Edhitha also completed a mapping project for various third parties in the year 2018 which covered about 8000 acres of land.

  • Edhitha has also taken up projects on developing agricultural drones, VTOLs, ornithopters, and so on.

  • Edhitha believes that the future of industries worldwide lies in the development of the robotics industry.  With this as the motto, the team has taken up a wide range of projects from tree climbing bots to solar-powered planes and so on.