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To ensure smooth and efficient operation of Edhitha, there are 4 main subteams namely Airframe, Navigation, IT and PR. 


- This team is responsible for

  1. Design of unmanned aerial and ground vehicles.

  2. Identification of fabrication techniques for the above

  3. Conducting simulations and analysis on the design of various flight structures. This includes stress analysis, thermal analysis safter factor analysis.

  4. Setting up the UAV with navigation and imagery team to make the plane flight ready. 

  5. Setting up a selection criteria for selection of various flight essentials such as flight motor, flight batteries, material out of which UAV is made.


This team is responsible for

  1.  Configuring the autopilot and tuning it to perform desired mission requirements.

  2. Collection of real time flight data for continuously improving the flight stability.

  3. They collaborate with airframe and propulsion team to build necessary hardware and setup necessary on-board avionics.

  4. Setting up hardware for Auto take-off and auto-landing of the aircraft.


This team is responsible for –

  1. Software solutions for autonomous detection of ground targets using open source open vision libraries & by leveraging machine learning algorithms.

  2. Creating algorithms for mapping a field of land using on-board camera and flight essential avionics.

  3. Setting up server for real-time autonomous data transmission from aerial aircraft to third party via Ground Control Station.


The PR team is responsible for reaching out to companies and organizations. They handle conversations with companies, conduct crowdfunding campaigns, and organize intra college events in the team’s name.

They are also responsible for managing the social media content and plan marketing strategies for promoting the club.


The team pilot is responsible for operating the aircraft during tuning sessions of the aircraft. S/he is the person-in-charge of safe landing of the aircraft during emergency situations and during manual landing.

Who Are We?

Edhitha is an undergraduate student organization of MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. Edhitha aspires to develop Unmanned Aerial Systems capable of autonomous flight, object detection, obstacle avoidance, surveillance, mapping, air delivery, and a system which is also capable of real time data transmission. Edhitha harmonizes various fields of Science and Technology to develop an impeccably versatile and an economic system capable of civilian applications.

Edhitha participates in the SUAS (Student Unmanned Aerial Systems) competition held by AUVSI in the United States annually. The competition requires Edhitha to design, integrate, report on, and demonstrate a UAS capable of autonomous flight and navigation, remote sensing via onboard payload sensors, and execution of a specific set of tasks.

Edhitha also pitches towards developing an Unmanned Aerial System capable of civilian applications focussing on various fields like Agriculture, Law Enforcement and Rescue Operations.

What we do?

What Are Our Accomplishments ?

  • Despite the many challenges faced, Team Edhitha bagged the prestigious Dawn Jaeger Tenacity Award at the 2022 SUAS and proved its extremely tenacious nature. 

  • Edhitha completed a mapping project for various third parties in the year 2018 which covered about 8,000 acres of land.

  • The Team ranked overall 5th position at the SUAS 2016, the year they developed their own algorithm

  • Edhitha achieved overall 1st position at SUAS 2015 and was also the First Asian Team to achieve this feat in the history of the competition.

  • The team took home the 3rd place for Autonomous flight and the 5th place for Journal presentation the year Edhitha was born – 2011

  • Edhitha has also taken up projects on developing agricultural drones, VTOLs, ornithopters and so on.

  • Edhitha believes that the future of industries worldwide lies in the development of the robotics industry.  With this as the motto the team has taken up a wide range of projects from tree climbing bots to solar powered planes and so on.

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